Not Staying Down

One of the most memorable moments of the Rio Olympics was when Mo Farah got up after he fell, and then carried on to win the Gold in the 10,000 metres’ event. It was such an inspirational scene.
In life we all have moments when we fall in one way or another, and the challenge is not to stay down but to get back up again. It’s not as easy as it may seen, especially if something is seriously wrong. At times we need a helping hand. This is, of course, where we can help each other, which is, spiritually speaking, a Christ-like act. Jesus is there, ready to steady us lest we fall, and ready to help us as we hold on to his hand.
Let’s determine, like Mo Farah did, not to stay down, but to rise up and get on with the race of life.
And, as we run, and when we stumble, realise Jesus is there always to help us through, and to cheer us on.
By James Henderson
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