No More Outcasts

Europe is divided on the migrant problem. It appears that refugees are regarded as outcasts by some in our societies. How can a country show compassion and at the same time maintain its borders? It’s not just a European problem, of course. It’s worldwide. Finding a solution is not easy.

Spiritually speaking, no one is an outcast. This is despite what some Christian preachers and teachers may imply when they depict humanity as having been rejected by an angry and disillusioned God. You are on the outside, they suggest, and the only way back in is to for you to repent and apply Christ’s sacrifice to you personally. Actually, it’s not quite that way. The biblical reality is that through Christ’s sacrifice we are already reconciled to and accepted by God. We’re in, not out. Therefore let’s stay in by accepting the all-inclusive grace of Jesus and by letting his Spirit change us for the better.

God, who is Father, Son and Spirit, tells us to have a special place in our heart for the outcasts. That’s why scriptures such as Psalm 68:6 tells us that his desire is to “give the desolate a home to live in” (NRSV).

Let’s pray for all those caught up in the migrant crisis.

Also, accept Jesus who has accepted you.

None of us is an outcast in God’s eyes.

By James Henderson, from Because

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