Sparkling Jewels

Sparkling jewels have been in the news this week.

Not only did we have the spectacular safe deposit heist over the Easter Weekend but also we have an auction of a collection of fabulous jewels in Geneva, Switzerland. Auctioneers expect the sale of the jewelry, which includes items from Spain’s royal household, to realize more than fifty million pounds. What actually happened in London, when about two hundred million pounds worth of gemstones was stolen, remains a mystery for the time being. Police reports say that it is unlikely that the stolen diamonds and other precious gems will be found.

Jesus tells a story about a man who comes across treasure hidden in a field. When he finds it, he covers it up to keep it safe, and then “in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys the field” (Matthew 13:44 ESV). The kingdom of heaven is like that, Jesus says. Religious people have argued about what Jesus means. Does he mean that when someone finds faith, he or she should value it highly? Maybe, but is there more to it? My own view is that we can be compared to that hidden horde of treasure. Jesus finds us in the field of this mixed-up world, and he gives everything, even sacrificing his own physical life, so that he might treasure us forever.

So as we read or hear about what happens in the Swiss auction or to the London jewels, think about how precious each of us is to God.

God looks at us with joy, as sparkling jewels in his hands.

In Christ he values you greatly.

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