Two Rhinos

I love rhinos.

Once my wife and I came across two of them as we travelled to a remote church in East Africa. They were standing across the road, and wouldn’t move. To this day I don’t understand why my wife refused my request that she get out of the car and shoo them on.

A much-loved friend of mine passed away recently, and, jokingly, we used to refer to ourselves as the two rhinos. The thought was that no one would get past us with nonsense and absurd ideas. We weren’t going to budge for love or money. You could say that we were as cantankerous and as stubborn as a couple of old rhinos, but maybe this is unfair to rhinoceroses!

Sadly, a gentle rhino died this week of natural causes. He lived on a conservation ranch called Ol Pejeta in Kenya. He was one of only two male Northern White Rhinos left in existence. He was regarded as the last of the breeding stock because the other one is considered too old to be able to mate with any of the four surviving females. So it’s the end of the line for the Northern White Rhino, which, effectively, has been wiped out by poachers who killed them for profit.

In the grand scale of things, does it matter that yet another sub-species become extinct?

I think it does. God cares deeply when one of us dies. And, according to the Bible, he also notices when a tiny sparrow falls to earth. All creatures great and small, even a wrinkly old rhino, matter to God.

Let’s work to save our endangered species.

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