Living the Victory

“What is our aim?” someone asked Winston Churchill.

“Victory at all costs” was Churchill’s reply, “and in spite of all terrors…without victory there is no survival”. This was in 1940, “a critical and terrible moment” in British history, as Lloyd George called it.

When the Allied Forces landed on the Normandy beaches on June 6th, 1944, it was in the hope of overcoming the enemy and of realizing Churchill’s victory at all costs.

Just eight days before D-Day, Christian churches around the world had celebrated the Feast of Pentecost. The 2014 date for this festival is the 8th June. Pentecost itself is all about victory. It’s a celebration, not of victory to come, but of victory achieved.

For Christians, Pentecost is the living out of the victory of Jesus Christ. He paid the highest cost in giving his life for humanity so that we may survive and thrive eternally. His aim on the cross was to overcome our enemies, including evil, sin, death, and, in addition, our own tendency to hurt and destroy one another. Pentecost is about how the Spirit of Jesus lives on in us. It’s a celebration of the realization of victory.

Let’s remember those who sacrificed their lives in 1944 for our present freedoms. And also, let’s remember all who died, no matter which side of the conflict they were on. Everyone was and is included on the cross. In war no one wins; in Jesus we all have peace and victory.

Above all, let’s gratefully celebrate Christ’s victory in how his Spirit leads us day by day.

Article by James Henderson from Because:

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